I could really use some advice right now

My husband and I have been married for almost five years now. Ever since we got married our relationship has been rocky. He has always threaten to end the marriage and divorce me at least 4 times a year or more. He has high expectation for me and I always seem to fail him. I know I am not suppose to lie but I sometimes do with him because I feel like everything I say to him he does not like. I have hard communicating to him every little thing to him. If I withhold any information or detail from him he considers it a lie. I do not have the best memory and tend to forget a lot. Now I feel like my marriage is falling apart and can not be saved. I have told him that I will change so many times its to the point that he does not believe me and I don't blame him for it at all. we argue a lot, our intimate life is down hill. I don't know how to be a wife, a full time student, and a full time employee and be able to meet all his expectation. I ask for help from him but he tells me that he as able to do all those things and still have time for me but I cant do it all. things don't come easily for me like they do for him.

please help I need to earn my husband trust back and save my marriage