I didn't know this existed!

Firstly, I'm so surprised I have found not only other people, but other spouses of ADD partners....I can't believe I'm not the only one... I thought it was just me...with what seems like a Man-child for a husband! I don't even know where to start...the lack of help around the house? The almost teenage response toward helping me..coming from a 31 year old man? The anger issues? The hoarding? The narcissistic attitude... Some days I want out. I fantasize a life of singledom..... I was a single mom before... I could do it again... Some days I just wish he would be that father that devotes himself and plays with his kids...I want to stand in front of the window and see him playing with them...not instantly yell at them as soon as something comes out of their mouths. Some days I wish he would do things for me...I always had the house clean dinner on the table etc when I was the parent at home...now that he is.... I'm lucky to have a clean cup. Hey better yet get a fricken job. Stop spending day and night playing online Pc games. Stop telling me you won't give it up...even if it's to our detriment. Better yet maybe I need a harden up pill and somehow leave his ass.... I done it once.. Why..did I come back and actually marry him? Then have another child? Perhaps I'm the problem!