I don't care

Does anyone else experience this from their ADHD spouse?

ME :"we'll be late if you don't hurry up"

HIM: "I don't care" (shrug)

ME: "Your hair needs cutting dosn't it?"

HIM: "I don't care" (shrug)

ME: "You really upset me with what you said to me yesterday"

HIM: "I don't care" (shrug)

ME: "I think you upset Linda by what you said to her"

HIM: "I don't care" (shrug)

ME: "But why won't you dress up for the party, everyone else will"

HIM "I don't care" (shrug)

Do you get what I am saying? He dosn't seem to care about ANYTHING except when his football team loses, or he falls out with the boss at work. Do all ADHD'ers say this and do they mean it? It is so frustrating and upsetting and I feel that I am constantly having to explain his condition to people when he has refused to talk, join in or has upset someone.

How do you deal with it?