I don't feel safe with my ADD husband

My husband is 46 and we've only been married 3 years. He was diagnosed with ADD about a year and a half ago after losing 3 jobs in 6 months. Then he decided not to work for 6 months and we had to move because we couldn't afford our house without him working. In the process of moving, he let a bookcase fall on my foot and I'm still in major pain because of it (untreatable). He also somehow got a nail in the lunch he packed for me. Then yesterday, he had a car accident and God knows what that's going to do to our car insurance. And I love that car, which I paid for with student loans. The problem is, I can't understand how he doesn't care about the danger he puts me in. If he knows he had ADD, why can't he be more careful? Why can't he say, "Honey, I'm letting go of the bookcase, make sure it doesn't fall on you", or check the containers before he puts the food in them, or Mapquest his destination so he won't get lost and run into other cars? Am I asking too much? I'm about to leave him because I feel like he doesn't care about my safety. He won't work consistently, and my job doesn't provide insurance, and he usually doesn't have any either. I have life-threatening medical problems I can't get treatment for, and I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The next time, will he cripple me, or will we end up homeless because he won't work, or will we be walking to work because he totalled the car? I know he loves me, but why can't he think about what's safe for me? How do others deal with this?