I dont want to stay married anymore

I have been married for 5 years and me and my husband have gone through so much in those years we have both had affairs I with two guys and him with TWO guys I had no idea that he was bi he cheated on me when I was pregnant with our now 2 year old and I have also been going through all the anger that ADHD can give and probably more, he can be one of the meanest person I have ever met before in my life and even after staying with him through all of that now he doesn't touch,hold,kiss,or make love to me AT ALL my soul is tired of this I have put in 5 years of work for this man and I haven't got anything out of it but a baby (not saying I don't love my son) but marriage should be more then just having kids I feel no love from him at all and now that I have told him I don't want him anymore he wants to change AGAIN I have heard that so much in 5 years it is getting old he tells me its not him its the ADHD that makes him not hold or spend time with me and I think it is a load of shit, he takes his pills everyday and now the anger is gone but there is still no love from him to me if anyone has any advice it is well needed we are in marriage counseling cause that is the last draw for me I would rather be happy alone then be in a loveless marriage