I feel like a guniea pig... what works for adult ADHD?

Hi. I am a married 37 year old female recently diagnosed with ADHD. It never presented in my younger years, but it is suspected that I probably had it. Growing up I went to Catholic school and lived on a military base and my mother ruled with an iron fist. I have always been regimented with my time. I worked for the IRS 3rd shift (years ago I was diagnosed with SWD shift worker disorder, and was put on provigil I had a child at home to take care of during the day), then, later was a letter carrier for USPS no medication required (extremely regimented, probably the best job for somebody with ADHD, but not with a bad back). I stopped working for the post office due to physical demands on my body, and frostbite 4 years ago. (I had gained weight after stopping work with the USPS, but had major back problems and my doctor put me on (phentermine to lose weight to take pressure off of my spine, I didn't want to be on pain killers the rest of my life and had gone to physical therapy for years already, too young for back surgery). I went back to the cleaning business (until the economy took a nose dive and clients dried up), I was not diagnosed with ADHD until last year during a joint session at the psychiatrist's office with my (previously diagnosed) teenage ADHD/ODD son. Apparently, unless I am working such a regimented job, my ADHD really presents itself. It's my opinion and possibly the doctors I've seen, that I have had ADHD symptoms for some time as an adult, and that the provigil and the phentermine controlled the ADHD very well and therefore I never even realized I had this condition.  I've been through several types and combinations of medication for the ADHD (aderrall, adderall xr in all different dosages and combinations, concerta, vyvanse, ritalin,  generic and brand of whichever generic were available for) , so far the two medications that work, are things I can't get provigil and/or phentermine.

My dr was willing to take a stab at the provigil, since nothing else works, but it's 600.00 for a 30 day supply and I am not confident that he will fill out the pre-authorization form to say that he feels that since we have been through so many medications, he feels it is medically necessary to try for my ADHD. I have been waiting, it's been over a week. Insurance company says he hasn't sent anything to the insurance company, the pharmacy definitely sent the form to him....

I submitted this post out of frustration and anxiety after dealing with my prescription coverage on the phone. Any suggestions or ideas?

What were your reactions to

What were your reactions to the ADHD medications that specifically made them 'not work' for you? Have you tried Strattera?

My husband has not had the best results with medications...reactions ranging from extreme lethargy and irritability (concerta) to general irritability (vyvanse).

  I have been through this


I have been through this a number of times (waiting for whoever has the pre authorization to get the ball rolling on meds) - thankfully, once it has been approved it generally is good for up to a year before needs to have the request processed again.

I would suggest making a list and call your insurance carrier first.  Ask them if they have been notified of a request from your doctor for authorization for this medication to be prescribed. If they have not rec'd any information from your doc and or pharmacy, get a fax number for your doc and or pharmacy to fax the information to the insurance company.  ***Some insurance carriers can take a number of days to decide on a pre authorization request - so be sure to ask the insurance carrier what their timeframe is for processing requests to getting it to your pharmacy.

Next call your pharmacy and see if they have received any requests from your doctors office for this authorization request. If they have, give the fax number to your pharmacy to fax over the request for authorization to your insurance carrier.  If the pharmacy hasn't recieved this request call your doctors office.

Once you reach your doctors office make sure that whoever you contact at the dr office understands that you need to have the authorization form faxed to your insurance carrier ASAP. 

That should take care of getting the prior auth rolling.  Now one other option is to ask the pharmacist if you could purchase just a certain number of days worth (what it would take until your insurance carrier approves the request) which maybe less expensive in the short term and you would be able to start the meds.

I know it sounds like a lot of steps, but I hope that it works to you the meds that you need.

Best wishes.