i feel he has gone too far and im really hurt

He is the love of my life. He once made me feel like I was the only girl alive. But a little after a year of us being together I found out he love's porn.and I was open to it and still am.but after a while he started talking about some of my girlfriends and ones my sister and even some others we know. After a few times he seen I got out of the mood as soon as he brought it up. I let him know it really hurt my feelings and didn't like talking about people we know and I was really nice about it. But its been almost 2years and he still does it. I am and have been open with new crazy things and love to make him happy ..but he just keeps pushing and has hurt me I'm easy going would never cheat on him ..but with him going on.knowing it hurts me isn't right and makes me wonder about him cheating if had the chance ...am I wrong for being upset and really hurt? Its pushing me away and all he can do is get mad when I try to talk to him calmly.