I feel single within a marriage

I have been married for 9 months to a wonderful, handsome, energetic man who was diagnosed with ADD about 4 years ago. I assumed I was totally prepared emotionally, psychologically, and financially for what waited us. I am 41 years old. He is 43. It's my first marriage and his second. We have no children, but do have a loving 8 month old yellow labrador retriever whom we both adore. My concern is that my husband is never home! He works 12-14 hour days and travels at least 3-4 times a month, sometimes for up to a week at a time. He does not financially support me. I have been in my field (Counseling) for 20 years, and am financially sound. He, on the other hand, has been employed by his particular employer for 3 years, and cannot say no to any assignment. He reminds me of me at 25 years of age. I, on the other hand, am desperate to start the second phase of the life I dreamed about: One with a husband and a puppy and a home. I was single and lonely for so very long...Because of hard work, luck &good financial planning early, I am in a position to make all of those dreams come true. I just don't feel that I have a partner in this and am extremely worried that we won't make it. My husband wants a wife, a home, a dog, (maybe even kids!), but is hardly present. Again, he does not support me. I, in fact, am buying us a home. To be fair, he will be contibuting to the mortage payments, but I am the one with the majority of financial assests.Currently, he does not pay my mortgage. The idea was that he get himself together financially, which he has indeed done. Can anyone relate to this? We are not kids. I am pretty worried, and honestly unhappy in my marriage, although I love him dearly.