I had a bad day

I should of stayed in bed today. I woke up to a reasonable morning, I even got a text from my seperated husband to go sign the tax papers. However I had no gas in my tank so on the way to the gas station I stopped at the bank.As I was expecting to receive some money I hear "your in the neg balance". I said "excuse me?" I asked her for a printout of the account and I noticed a couple of checks I didn't write. She of course showed me who did it(which I knew) he took every last penny in the account out. Left $0 . which is what I have No Money!barely making it home and seeing the sad face my daughter had ( she was in the bank w/me).last week he took almost 200 out of my food stamps so we had no more food money. He lied to me and told me this guy he had with him was going to steal groceries so he bought him some)now he took several hundred dollars out after he deposited it for me and the kids. so lets see I got $100. and he got $400. lets see I have 4 children a mortgage and bills and bills. I'll let you do the math. So me being the responsible one had to call the bank and talk to the mngr of the bank I told her the story I asked her about the returned checks and the one that returned today was for my oldests son's cap and gown to graduate highschool. I started to cry so hard and begged her to not send it back, because I couldn't order another the deadline already passed. she told me not to worry that the bank would cover it:} what a dear and a relief. Now I have to come up with the money. I called my counselor and told him the story and that I'am done.  he thought that it is a wise decision. in the next few days I'am getting the legal seperation papers and then I'll have legal documentation . I also still didn't have gas money for my car, but God always answers prayers. A friend of mine happen to of called me and as I sopped her the story she generously offered to help me:] .... I don't feel so good'  you know I can understand me but to do that to your own kids whom you love? he needs rehab but he won't go. I'am done, I'am a christian and did everything to the end  to remain faithful. next week I'am applying for disability because I have chronic muscle problems that I can't hold a job down. All this stress is hurting my body. I'am not mad , I'am sad for my children and for all of you who hurt and are trying to find answers. I hope you find a way. Thanks for listening to me sorry if this is too much it helps just to write through the tears:]...Peace