I had the best dream.

Last night I dreamed that two people that my DH actually respects and listens to sat him down and told him to get off his a** and get a job, that sitting around the house collecting action figures and dreaming up the next big thing was completely inappropriate, and that it was extremely unfair that he was putting all the burden of supporting the house completely on his wife for the last 5 years. That he needed to stop shopping all the time, stop feeling sorry for himself. He shook both their hands and said "you're right" and they all went out to make a plan. I had the biggest feeling of relief and hope in the dream, it was amazing. 

Then I woke up and realized it wasn't true. It literally stunned me that this hadn't happened, as the dream was so real. 

I think it was sparked by our discussion last night; anytime we discuss finances he puts on what I call his mopey face and gets really quiet and depressed, because I'm asking him to put limits on his spending habits. Life would be so much easier if he was bringing in ANY money whatsoever - I don't care what it's from, whether it's selling stuff on eBay or getting an actual job or finally getting on VA disability, I do not care. 

I hope that I dream that dream again tonight.