I have ADD and so does my spouse, Help!

I've been married almost 10 years and when my husband and I were dating he made sure to inform me that he had ADD and the things he struggled with.  We researched things together and did a lot of reading.  My husband is very, very responsible, has been working the same job 26 years but struggles with OCD, dyslexia and has a lot of angry outbursts.  I was diagnosed with ADD only a few years ago (explains a lifetime of things....) I have suffered from mild depression ever since I can remember so I can easily fall into being lethargic.  I am very forgetful and mostly laid back (sometimes too much) and have a tendency to become prone to my depression unless I snap myself out of it.  My husband's OCD actually helps him with staying organized and on task but he gets very upset and angry when I don't do things the way he wants me to (thank goodness for good boundaries) or when I have difficulty understanding something that he is trying to explain.  He has a very hard time with empathy towards me (sometimes he just doesn't get it at all) but he has a huge tender heart for helping people in need or when someone is suffering.  He yells a lot and has angry out bursts, mostly minor things or when I forget something like not put something back or leave a door open, etc.....Any suggestions how to communicate/work with him better to resolve or tone down some of this stuff?  Thanks!