i have ADHD now my wife has diagnosis bipolar & borderline

so im erly 40 and was diagnosed 2 years ago with ADHD ive been with the wife 10 years and weve had ups and downs and 3 children in the last 3 years it seems we only argue and when we talk the other just dosent understand todayshe got her diagnosis bipolar typ 2 and borderline we cant talk but we need to this evenin i wrote a letter to her so she can read it without interupting what im saying im hoping she will wreit back we had so mutch in common and i know she feels alone but i am in a foren country with no suport exept for her myself i was hospitalized for stomach ulsers 2 weeks ago that wer caused from stress evory time we speek i just feel my stomach start to tie itself in knots i dont want to give up on her or my children but im realy at an end of my power i need help and advice the medical system here is usles no chance of having 1 doctor you can trust and talk to allways having to explain from the begining to someone new who says completly the oposit to the last doctor you met im confused and cant do this mutch longer i just wat to close my eyes and say thats it im done but my character wont let me i know inside sometimes you just have to let go but i dont know how.

sorry about the wreiting its not my strong point