I have two questions relating to relationships and ADHd

Ok, my first question is, is ADHD a genetically transfered condition?  For instance, my father just got out of prison about a month ago and my mom keeps saying, i just cannot believe how much alike you two are.  Well, we found out that i have adhd about a month or two ago and well, every thing makes since.  Plus every simpton that help guide listed, well, my mom said "baby, that describes you to a tee."  And that's what I thought, well I was like, holy s*** that's me!  And I guess you could look up adhd symtoms and helpguide, well ok it says ahda in child ren but its also for adults: http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_signs_symptoms.htm  Anyways, i have every sympton they list or at least all but one i really cant remember, so where was i oh yeah, now it seems me and my dad are well, if you could occupy two places at once, y'all get it right?  so is it a genetically transferable condition, also my mom's dad (he is my grandpa I just needed to clarify)  also, my grandpa told me that he had a brother that was just like me.  So it would seem that i got a few realatives here and there that have it, and we're talkin blood relatives.  Ok so agin, is it genetic?


Second:  my mom and dad had there first fight since he got out.  Well, from what i gathered from listening to my dad talk, and like me, or should I say like him, well at any rate we both talk and talk and talk, etc.  Now i was sitting there patiently listening to him, i listened to mom's side and well I knew exactly what he was doing and i was trying to explain it to my mom that since i'm him, i guess when someone talks the way she did, she got mad and told him well why don't you go to sleep then, and he said fine so anyways, i tryed to tell her, look, he just doesn't wanna talk right now you gotta give him time to cool.  so any advice.


ok third question:  I seem to have trouble with relationships myself, and well, I guess its because of my inherited adhd, any thoughts or advice?