I have to vent!

My ex-husband and son are both ADD (no hyper component...inattentive). My son is in High School, and it it a requirement that seniors do a Graduation Project. They are supposed to start in Sophmore or Junior year and present the final project in spring of senior year. Well, you guessed it. It's spring of his Senior year, and he hasn't even started it yet, despite constant reminders, nagging, suggestions from me.

My son is starting to panic, but that just makes the ADD worse, and he can't even think. He really doesn't have time to do it now. I tried to get his father to talk to him, but his father is "oh don't worry, he'll think of something". AAArrrggghhhh. How can these people be so nonchalant about everything? My son won't graduate; he has a job lined up, but they won't want him if he can't get out of High School. I'm having all sorts of symptoms of stress...I'm the only one in the family that cares about anything. I'm so sick of taking on the worries of this entire irresponsible family!!!! Makes me want to go live in the woods by myself; I'd rather deal with bears than these ADDers!!