I just discovered this website and can't believe i am reading about my husband all over it!!

I have always joked that my husband has ADD but just discovered he actually DOES!! He in fact has a pretty serious case of it judging by behavior and answering the questions in Dr. Ned's book.  It explains sooooo many behaviors that i thought were just bizarre or quirky to the extreme! While reading the book i've had several LIGHTBULB moments! Like  when we're in a crowded parking lot looking for a spot he can't just put his blinker on and wait while someone backs out. He'd rather park a mile away and walk!!! I thought this was the craziest thing and so darn exasperating!! I now realize he just can't deal with the pressure of having people drive around us, possibly beep, way tooo much confusion for him. Understanding this little thing is going to make such a difference in our lives. What I really need help with is getting him out of the house on time. Seems every time we have to be somewhere, we end up in a fight, i tell him well in advance, sometimes days and then the day before........................usually a few hours before we're supposed to leave i remind him and invariably i still end up frustrated and angry by the time we eventually leave having had to NAG him endlessly for the last hour. Its making me crazy and I know it makes him feel horrible too. I don't want to be his mother.....................HELP