I’m just so worn out

He’s untreated for his ADHD. It’s pretty bad. 

My kids have ADHD. I’m working to get them the therapy and meds they need. I run everything around here, except the job part. (I am truly thankful that he can earn a nice living right now and does so.)

I’m so exhausted. We’ve been together about two decades. Every single day I’m exhausted. I am sure I’m depressed, but that’s also been there for years. Looking back, my stress level has always been high. His refusal to do anything more than his job is so hard. I’ve worked to try to stop walking on eggshells, but there is still an undercurrent of stress. 

I’m trying to do things for myself. Nothing really seems enough anymore. I feel like I just don’t have stamina. I feel like I’m wearing out.