I need guidence for a person with ADHA & Marriage

I need guidance for a person with ADHA & Marriage...

I think I have untreated undiagnosed ADHD.

My wife and myself are both stubborn and opinionated however I have these brief angry outbursts, short term memory loss and I get distracted very easy when in a conversation especially towards my wife when she questions or comments on something I've done wrong. I've been reading this blog and it sounds like I have adult ADHD.

I read and understand things and for a while things are great then it is as if I forget everything I've learned just a week ago. Its a constant struggle and I want to do something for myself but also for my wife as I totally love her.

I am a good husband most of the time but as my wife tells me the 20% of the time that I'm not erases all the good that I have done.

I'm not sure what to do or where to start, I guess admitting that I have a problem and need to do something about it is my first step.


"seeking peace"

second step, make an

second step, make an appointment for an evaluation, in the meantime pick up one of the many books on ADHD see if it 'fits'...if you can make yourself spend the time to read it.  Third step, IF you do have ADHD do all you can to manage it.

First step is diagnosis

I'm in a similar boat.

My first step is to go get diagnosed and continue from there. I'm lucky that I have a lot of "special ed" teachers as friends and they've talked to me about my symptoms/characteristics and agree that an assessment is the next step.

I think I am similar to you in that it's not as debilitating as it is for some people. We get by, but feel we can do better.

You also need to let her know that this is what you're willing to do in order to make yourself better for YOU and HER.

This is also an important first step and see how she reacts. If she treats you like a leper, then you know where you stand. If she has an "aha" moment and is supportive, she's a keeper :)