I need to hear from you lady spouses

Before I met my husband, I felt like a normal, contributing, functioning, clean member of society.  I really liked that.  I paid my bills on time, I loved my house, I was active, I took pride in myself, my house, my work, etc.


Granted I have a 2 year old (from another ex, who isn't involved), I find I'm it!  You know, the person who cleans, cooks, takes care of everything but myself type.  I've become overweight (partially from baby, partially from choosing McD's  or other fast food types over having to cook and entertain a 2 year old after a long day at work while my husband sleeps.


I guess what I'm trying to get at is, I'm starting to really resent the fact that I wanted a different life for myself.  I want to be able to take a girls weekend with my friends, or a girls night out, go running, or walking, or start sewing lessons, travel once a year, keep active and do fun activities that cost money with my daughter.  The problem is, if I take a girls weekend for instance, nothing will get done around the house, as seen when I take my daughter and head off to the cottage without him for a few days.

I won't leave him alone with my daughter since, while I do think he's a great dad, I find if he's lacking sleep, or had too much caffeine, etc, then I find him extremely hard on her.  His expectation of her is so high that she becomes miserable and she sits on time out as a result.


How do you ladies cope with the life you live now, vs the life you wished for yourself, or wanted?  I don't know how to stop the resentment and just accept the fact that I'll be doing the majority of EVERYTHING for the rest of my life.