I need help.

I am trying to figure out what has happened in my relationship and need some advice. My husband left me at the end of March. This came as a total shock to me and to everyone around us. My husband up until a few days before he left was telling me how much he loved me and how I was his motivation. In the recent past, he has lost a job, lost a car he had bought, and when almost getting another job had a setback due to needing his high school diploma. He has since decided he wants to only be responsible for himself. He says that if he doesn't have a job or a car that as long as it only affects him that is okay. He now says he feels like I am more a mother than a wife to him due to the endless nagging and such due to his inability to remember anything. We discussed the fact a long time ago that he possibly could have ADD. He shows so many signs. He can't remember things unless they are important to him. He promises things then has a hard time delivering. Cleaning and most household chores are started and rarely finished. He starts out with a bang and then it just fizzles. He is currently living at a friend's gym. Has been out of the house for 3 weeks and still does not have a job. He is waiting on two that he has almost had for quite some time. He does the occasional computer tech job for cash and this is what he is living on. I have started therapy and I would love to get him in to see someone and see if he possibly needs to be medicated. Someone help me out and tell me what I need to do.