i need help

I don't know what to do _ I am the add person, my husband hates me - I mean he hates me - i think hes fallen out of love with me. My add has destroyed our marriage. See because of this he is depressed. he doesn't know what the day is going to bring so he just goes in a hole. He talks about how bored he is how he wants change. Ok so I bring up a ton of things we could do- or he could do by himself- doesn't help- he says I haven't laid the ground work for him to get better. By saying that - he wants peace- and if my add kicks in then its not peaceful. He then resorts to getting angry at the things he wants to do but does not have the energy to do them.  He is tired of always being pissed off at me - he is hurt at all the things that have gone on - the disorganization the rambling the racing thoughts- the worms in my head( he calls that to people who cant sit still) No matter how much I try to explain what is going on - this does nothing - he knows I'm sorry but sorry just doesn't cut it any more- He hates that I used to be a go getter a person who didn't care what others thought- now I'm always worried whose mad at me- I result from the consent arguing. I'm trying to be "normal" I am - but its not enough he thinks I'm broken and will never get better. My husband has always been there for me always- But now our life is more parent/child. We are rarely intimate, we are just lost and it sucks.

He has no faith in me or our relationship he literally thinks we wont ever get better because we are so different. Hes tired of taking care of me hes tired of guessing my moods- it doesn't help that I have PMDD, and he has to deal with a hormonal ADD person too.  Hes tired of being upset and devastated only to see me fine- I try to explain I'm just on another thought thats taken me somewhere else. I another issue we have- I stare into space- done it since I was a kid- I need help- what am I supposed to do how can I save my marriage? I ve got the book and am reading it now- but how do I put ideas into place if he has reached a breaking point of no hope- It makes me feel like giving up too. Please someone help me