I need help

I have been with my ADHD husband for almost 8 years and married 8 months. I love him but not as much as years ago. I have always been an organised calm happy go lucky person although I am quite a controlling person but not any more. I am taking anti depressants and having counselling I feel angry frustrated sad and tired. 
my husband refuses to talk about his adhd and to seek any kind of help or counselling. We argue a lot of the time we do not have an intimate relationship and he works ridiculous hours he gets up very early and has so much energy by the time he gets home he is burnt out and wants to go to bed. He knows I am unhappy but doesn't understand why even though I have told him a hundred times. I could go on and on about his behaviour but I am sure you all know what goes on with an adhd adult. I don't know where to turn next