I Need help approaching My ex girlfriend and asking her for a second chance.

So me and my girlfriend broke up with me last mouth on May 2nd. She said it wasn't my fought but she didn't want to me go in to depression and hurt me. I have had adhd since i was diagnosed at the age of 7. Ive never had so bad depression and anxiety in the period 2 weeks.The stuff i was going thought i have never had happen in my life. My entire body turned numb for the whole day, i wasn't eating anything barely getting any sleep. The night after she broke up with me i could not get any sleep in my house and could not be in my house because she had helped me choose my colors for my walls and helped me put stuff together in my house. That night or morning at 2 am i could not get any sleep so i decided to get in my diesel truck and drove to my parents house that is 8 miles away at a 100 mph because i didn't care about life anymore and my life was i thought was over and had no idea how to deal with what was going on. So i turned around and i did the same thing on back home. i put on a lot of miles on my pick up going to talk to my parents and pastor and going to my best friends house that week i found someone to talk to and i could trust. ive started to go to a relationship therapist to help me and hes helped me a lot on how to focus my brain on whats more important. He has showed how to meditate and that has really helped me to the point ive archived the state weight less ness while meditating. I call it being in the Zen Moment when that happens. Meditation has really helped me be able to do the things that she helped remind me to do stuff. Since we have broke up i have read Taking charge adult ADHD like 4 times and the adhd effect on marriage twice. By reading these books ive learned alot of things i want to work on and have started to work on. i know these things will take time and will not be over night so im fine with that it takes time. i enjoy taking notes on these books and learning what i can do better and work on. I don't know to approach my ex i think she will agree to see me on a neutral playing field so we can talk to each other. i have some ideas what i want to say to her and ask her to have a open mind because it would have done the same thing if she came to me how do i make that happen. i think are relationship was affect in the past 6 months from my adhd and a communication difference because after reading these books i realized we were not doing it right.

there is more to the story i just summarized what happened and what i need help with. i would like help on what i should do i think a zoom call or a discord call would be better for me to explain what was going on.