I need relief

Hi Forum,

I really don't know where to start. But i know i have a problem. I read a story earlier today here and it touched my heart cause i thought it was me writing it. I haven't been diagnosed with ADHD but my Girlfriend (GF) has said it in the past. Reading about it to day has convinced me I may have it. we started seeing an LPC at a psychiatry center last week. My GF has been diagnosed with add and a mood disorder, she takes zoloft and adderall.

I love my GF, and i consider myself a sweet guy but my rage to anger has become out of control. Last night we got into an argument but her silence and minor remarks got me heated. So what I did, is that i flipped a small coffee table and and threw something across the room and I grabbed some knives and left the house. I was crying very hard i parked my car and put the knife in my stomach. I have thought of killing myself only when im mad with my GF.

Has anyone gone through this???