I need some comforting

Hi, all,

I am so frustrated I am ready to cry. I'm away from home. I've been reminding my husband to do things he promised to handle while I'm away. Today I pulled together a list and ran through it with him. He has not done a single thing that he committed to do during the past few weeks. To top it off, I was expecting a package - a food item that must be frozen. He threw the mail on the kitchen table last night. Later he looked at the package and realized what it was. Then he decided it would be ok to refrigerate it instead of freezing it, and I could freeze it when I get home in a week. He has been procrastinating on planning a business trip. Now he decided to go when I'm home, and during a week when we already had plans.

I'm not seeking advice. I'm venting. I'm so sad and frustrated.