I think

we, ADHDers, expect that much of the time, you can't hear us, either. I suspected that you faked hearing just like I did. Remember when the limo driver caught Elaine hearing?

So, when I tell you something, I often don't believe you've actually heard me and ergo I won't be held accountable.

(It is not that I'm purposely being deceptive. It's just simple reality. No one expects anyone to pay attention to them that closely. Everybody is running around uttering stuff, that's all. It's just the way things are. That's my interpretation of life after 40 years of negotiating a world without the ability to pay attention consistently.)

It's just an innocent assumption. Since I have no clue that there's anything wrong with me, you must "hear" on a hit or miss basis, too. I can toss stuff out there half-kidding or half-serious. Who knows if others will pick up on something? It's all a big game, anyway. If I can't figure out what's going on, how can you?