I think I should change my user name to

Perpetually Frustrated lol ;)

So...once again I am beyond frustrated. Just completely exasperated. H and I agreed in Jan. that we would move out of our apartment 6 weeks from now and rent a house. We gave notice to the manager 2 mos ago. Yesterday I got an email from the apt manager that said please confirm that you are staying on month to month. I asked  H what was up and he said he is not ready to move and he needs an extra month to get everything packed up. I said well how do we save up enough money for a deposit and 1st month's rent to rent a house if we stay on here for another month. He said he didn't know. I said what is the plan. He said I don't know. I told him I cannot live like this anymore. It is wearing me out. I do 90% of the grunt work and 100% of the planning and implementing and following up work for us. I'm not doing it anymore. It isn't fair to me. I told him  he needs to step up and take on half of the load. He says he wants to try taking Melissa's seminar again. I said why? Why should I pay for that again when you didn't participate last time?? More importantly why should I get my hopes up again???