i think i'm done

Married not even a year but we've been together over four years and I'm fed up with the disrespect and dismissive behavior! He will do things like self medicate and when I attempt to have a conversation with him he reverts to childish and disrespectful behavior. He was anxious waiting for his adhd to be prescribed so he took a friends pill. He said he was worried about us fighting so much and that I'd leave him before he got the pills. I was unhappy about it but was understanding (this isn't the first time) so I attempted to talk to him. He responded by berating me saying I never forgive anything and just like to fight. I stayed calm and kept trying to talk. We get home and swings my car door into a tree and doesn't apologize. I still didn't yell or berate. I told him that was really disrespectful. He responds with saying "if you were smarter you would know that was out of my control." After about 15 minutes of getting no where with him I called him a choice name and stomped off to bed. He said we would talk about it "tomorrow" but come sunday he ran off to an auction but not before claiming I was yelling at him. At this point I did yell and left the house. He was gone until 15 minutes before he had to leave for work. Then he texted me before he came home asking if he can come home. I told him no because I'm tired of the arguing and lying and disrespect. He again said sorry I effed up. Thing is he wants that to be it. He uses sorry like a fix all. If I attempt to mention my feelings he starts being a jerk. He stayed with a friend that night. Yesterday his clutch cable for his bike came and he once again blew me off to do what he wanted. I told him he needed to have a conversation to resolve the issue and he told me I could talk to him while he fixed his bike. I told him no and him for a third time he was making his wants a priority over my needs. It turned into a fight. I left the house again. Once he was finished with his bike he texted me to come home to talk. I told him to move out at least for awhile. If this was an isolated incident I wouldn't be considering divorce but its like this every single time. He says I over react even when he gets me kicked out of school. He does absolutely nothing to show me it was genuinely a mistake and he feels bad about it. He expects that no matter what he's done that I should just forgive him and that all he's got to do is say sorry. Not to mention I had to take over finances because he impulsively spends money then turns around and calls me controlling. Idk how to get through to him and I feel I'm falling out of love with him.