I think this is us...what should I do?

I've been frustrated and disappointed in a lot of my 1+ year of marriage. I'm pretty sure after reading this site and the book that my hubby has ADHD. I love him and I want us to to work, especially because we have a 2 month old baby and I know it will just get harder for me to keep everything going.

How should i approach him about this? What would be a non-threatening way to tell him that I think he needs to get evaluated?

A good place to start...


In "Melissa's Favorites" section (see upper right hand corner) there are many 'blogs' she's posted that condense and illustrate the ADHD affect on marriage. When I first came to this site, one of the first things I did was send my DH the "if you're a man with ADHD and you don't think it matters" (or something to that effect) blog. No idea if he read it, but I found several helpful links. The book is awesome too. We had the diagnosis when I came here...but he still really doesn't want to address it's affects.