I used to be fun

As I sit here tonight, reading through the forum, pissed off at my ADD husband for being a total jerk this week, I just realized something: I USED to be fun. I used to love to dance and sing and laugh and drink a little too much sometimes. I used to be carefree and have an opinion, a voice. That was the girl that was so attractive to my now husband. I am now a shell of that person. I am the responsible one in our relationship. I'm am the one that needs to ensure bills are paid on time, kids get homework done, the lawn gets mowed, cars get maintenance when needed, family (his and mine) get cards and gifts for birthdays, the house gets cleaned, perscrptiobs get filled. You get the picture. Sex? Yeah right. Our sex life in the beginning was amazing. It still is, when we actually have it. Few and far between. No one wants to screw mean mommy and no one wants to screw a grown adult that acts like a petulant child. I just now realized how resentful I am for no longer being able to be the carefree spirit that I once was. So, I guess the big question is, how do I get back to that???