I want to hear the SUCCESS stories

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I've been coming to the site for a bout six months but it wasn't until I read Melissa's book 3 weeks ago that I started to understand that my DH has a real condition and it is causing a lot of the problems we've been having since we got together 10 years ago. we were on the verge of breaking up until I read the book. I have been working on letting go of my anger and resentment for the past 3 weeks. might take me a while.

but here's my good news:

My DH has been the one taking the initiative to find out about ADHD and learning about treatment. We are spending a gazillion dollars (on the credit cards that he's nearly maxed out!! uhgh) on the intake process at The ADHD SPECIALISTS in Encino. We've been to 2 of the 4 appointments. They are giving him a higher does of adderall. he started it today. he says he feels calm, focused, motivated and a general sense of well being.

we have been going to couples counseling for 3 months (he started adderall 3 months ago) 

that is the longest stretch of couples counseling we've ever done. 

He says he wants to do CBT, hypnotherapy, get a coach etc. He sounds like he really wants to focus on taking care of himself.  But it's hard for me to trust that

A) he will do the work consistently (will the meds help him stay focused on the work?)

B) that it will actually work.

please tell me he will follow through. has anyone had experience where they got meds, got therapy, did the work and then had a relationship that they are happy with. I know Melissa has had that. I really want to hear more long term success stories.

I believe that if my husband and I make self care a priority we can have an incredible life together. but if he doesn't stay on track I am afraid we'll have chaos again.