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 As a young child I was diagnosed with ADHD. I went threw counceling and the rigours testing of tons of medications. Its very difficult to sit and concentrate on something for long periods of time that im not interested in.

Recently I have been looking at tons of forum posts and Videos On ADHD. the only thing people seem to be talking about is symptoms and diagnoses. every single video or forum post says people with ADHD need TOOLS. I understand that people with ADHD need Professional counseling and most people with ADHD need medication. Is there any forum post or web site that has a list of these tools???

I understand that I need a professional to talk with on a regular basis. I also get the fact that most people with ADHD need medications. Unfortunately these are the only tools anyone talks about. seems like everyone is stuck talking about symptoms and personal effects of being around or having ADHD.

PLEASE, does anyone one have any suggestions about tools for coping with ADHD?


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