I was just shoved!

I feel like I'm on here every other day with some new horrible development, but my adhd partner just shoved me hard out of our bathroom.  The door was open and he was in there getting ready to take a shower.  I had cut my finger so I walked in to get something to put on it and I've been in the bathroom when he's in there all the time so you can imagine my shock when he started yelling at me to get out.  I was so stunned actually that I guess I didn't move fast enough for him because he then proceeded to shove me out the door physically!  I am in such a state of shock right now, but the worst part is that he's now upset with me for being upset.  He's downplaying the whole thing by saying that he was "escorting" me out of the bathroom and that it wasn't a violent act.  When I said that women have called the police on their husbands for shoving them he said that was a stupid reason to call the police and that they are over reacting by doing so.  He is now angry with me and saying that I'm making it out to be something it wasn't.  Maybe it wasn't as violent as it could have been but he was EXTREMELY annoyed when he shoved me.  What do I do???  How can I get him to understand that this is NOT ok, never justifiable, and that I'm not blowing things out of proportion?  He seems to think that when other people shove their partners it's abusive but when he does it, its justifiable "because I wasn't leaving fast enough".  I keep telling him that there is never an excuse to push someone because they aren't doing what you asked them to immediately.  The fact that he's just brushing it off and saying that I'm overreacting is almost worse than the shove itself.   We weren't arguing or anything before this.  In fact things were good today between us.  It just makes no sense what-so-ever.