i wonder what would make them pay attention (just a thought)

after reading so many posts on here, and being new to having an ADHD partner, i think i must find a solution.  Going around in circles does not make sense at my age.  I spent 30 yrs (that magic number for marriage) married to someone who in hindsight had something wrong with him, personality disorder maybe.  and so I ask myself why do i pick these people, or they pick me.  hhmmm.  I learnt one thing when going out with a guy with bi-polar disorder, when he went off and started talking to other 'ladies', i went off and did the same thing.  it worked!  he was soon looking for me.  so maybe just maybe it would work with ADHD, or maybe not lol.  haven't tried it yet.  but my current ADHD partner said he would ring me on weekend, and of course no phonecall.  any thoughts?  has anyone tried giving them a taste of their own medicine?