I would appreciate your thoughts on the side affects you think may be caused by Adderall or its generic form.

My spouse is prescribed  Adderall to help address his negative ADHD characteristics.  He takes the generic form -  D-Amphetamine Salt Combo, 20 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon.   As I understand it, the main reason he chooses the generic form is he does not want to spend money on medication.  In his view, Adderall-XR is too expensive.  He has taken this medication for over a year, probably at least 2 years.  Day in, day out.

There have been many changes in our lives over the past 10 years, complicated, in my opinion, by unaddressed ADHD.  Until recently,  he was able to keep his anger hidden and under control when the situation warranted.  Now it oozes out everywhere and at everyone, thus he chooses to be by himself a lot; or he chooses to interact with new people, until they do something to irk him.   I suspect that  Adderall heightens his anger and aggressiveness.  He is NOT physically aggressive nor verbally abusive - as in making demeaning comments or character assassination - but he is really in an angry and defensive mood most of the time.  

Our family had experience with our son taking Ritalin when he was in elementary school.  It worked great - but when it wore off after school, "The Afternoon Nasties" were very unpleasant for him, and for us.    I feel this is happening with my spouse, too.