This is a thread to collect ideas from both the ADHD partner and the nonADHD partners to post ideas/strategies that they have tried, and had positive results from. From taking out the garbage, to showing up on time, establishing eating/bedtime routines, to giving/receiving criticisms, communicating needs and handling conflict situations. It might be better if the poster first says if they are the adhd partner (adhd+), or the non adhd partner (adhd-); who's idea it was, how it was brought up, and the results.

Remember, let's post comments of things that have WORKED (even if only incrementally), not failed attempts/frustrations. That way we can fine tune eachother's ideas, and give eachother the perspective of the 'other side' to develop and improve strategies that we can all use.

If there is a post about something that someone tried and got good results from, and you have tried it with negative results, please don't feel the need to throw that in to the conversation as it would just be discouraging; what works for one couple or individual may not work for others. The more options we have to choose from the better for us all.

If you have an area in which you need an idea, try posting the 'theme' in the thread title (new response topic), which will make it easier to organize and retrieve specific responses to areas we are currently seeking help with.

Then we can just have continuous reply threads for THAT topic (i.e.: cutting down drinking, chores etc.),

              rather than one continuous thread for this WHOLE forum

                                                    (with three-word sentences by

                                                                        the time we get to

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Thanks in advance for those who reply, because I think this could be one of the most valuable uses for any adhd forum.


* this is currently under the "Communication" forum, but I am hoping that with enough content admin might open it as it's own forum under "IDEAS THAT WORK" -Strategies BY and FOR both partners.