If I don't laugh, I will lose it . . . . . .

I need to vent to someone who understands!  We all know about the difficulties with finances when living with a spouse with ADHD.  My spouse is self employed and I am in college.  The 20th of the month is approaching - we have lots of bills due on the 20th - insurance, utilities, loan payments, etc.   There is an upcoming work convention next weekend for my spouse and his business partner.  4 days away learning, 4 days with no income, plus the pending travel and hotel expenses.  I remind my spouse of our approaching financial crunch time.  Throw into the mix that he is very hesitant to hire an ADHD coach - because of tight finances.

So today I find out he is working 'for barter' for a $600 item.  Himself, and two employees - who we have to pay  - will be on the job.  There is no other income on this job.  I am annoyed that my spouse is buying something for himself for $600 - that is not a necessity - a firearm he wanted. I resent the impulsive barter - poor timing.  It also irks me that he doesn't feel we have enough money to pay for an ADHD coach, but he will buy something - expensive and out of the blue -  for himself.  And he did not mention it to me.  I heard the information about the job from an employee. . . .

Guess who handles the finances in our marriage. . . . yep, it is me. 

Guess who has been working on not being his "mother?"

Yep, it is me.