If I hear H talk about one more project I am going to explode!

I am beyond my limit of hearing H say that he really wants to do such and such and then never hear about it again. I heard again and again about this firepit area he wanted to do. Well yes he finally did get around to doing it and we have sat out there a total of 2 times since he completed it back in August.

He wanted a garden so badly. We tilled an area and planted seeds in the spring but that is about as far as he wanted to take it. He has no interest in harvesting the food or eating it, yet he insisted we put in a fall crop. We planted like 5 different things and only the squash came up but it has been so wet that it is getting moldy because he has no desire to go out and harvest it.

I hear again and again about how he really wants to put in a koi pond and then put up big posts around the firepit and then attach hammocks. Its ridiculous! The guy cant even go get a pumpkin for Halloween (which he kept saying he really wanted to carve) but he is going to do all this really big stuff.

The guest bedroom door has been off for 3 months now because the new door we got (that I stained and he insisted be lacquered as well to increase the value of the house if we ever sell it) apparently is just a touch too large to fit and he says it needs to be sanded down. Why it does not fit is beyond me because its a standard 80 inch door. So much for ever getting all the other 6 doors in the house stained and lacquered to match because if one door is going to take 6 months to get up, I dont even want to try the others. So we will have one door TOTALLY different from all the others.

Still waiting on, what I have heard, is supposedly a very easy outside shed to be built for the garden tools. Well the tools are getting all rusted sitting outside in the rain but he thinks November will be a good month to get that built. Oh yeah I bet. Now that the persistent rain has started I am sure this is a FANTASTIC month to do that!

The area he decided almost a year ago now that would be fantastic as a butcher block so he tore off the backsplash and says he is going to put lighting up above it. Well we have been this long with a torn off backsplash and just ripped cardboard showing and there is not a hint of a light fixture being thought of.

We were going to put up a ceiling fan in our room last summer. We bought one and he tried to install it, but it sat too low. He decided instead that it would be good for the kitchen and we would get a different one for the bedroom. Well the original one is still sitting in its box in our bedroom and he has taken to piling some of his clothes on it. If I knew he had no plans of ever putting it up I sure would have liked to take it back and get a refund!

Oh and this deck he insists on building off the front porch. He said it would be no problem to do that on his own this year. Now he says hell get to that next year. Riiiiiiiiight.

His friend died a few weeks ago and he just had to have one of his motorcycles but of course since he barely gets by check to check he asked me to buy it for him. Sure why not. I have bought you so many other things you just had to have why not a $2400 bike! I made a fuss about it and he said that it is not just a bike, that it is his friends and it would mean so much to him. Great. One more bike sitting in the garage that probably will not be raced. He had to have this $23,000 race bike 2 1/2 years ago because it would be so bad ass on the track and he promised me that if I got the loan (because he had bad credit) that he would make every single monthly payment on it. I would say that I have paid about 90% of those payments. Oh yeah and it has been raced once in 2 years and other than that has sat in our garage. But it is an awesome bike and he just CANNOT get rid of it!

Then on Sunday he went down to help one of the kids of this guy who died to get another bike street ready. While there he saw a big generator sitting in the garage and asked what the story was on that. The kid said he could name his price and have it. H said he didnt have the money the but the kid said to just take it and pay for it when he can. So he comes home with this gigantic generator (we already have a smaller one). I assumed it was GIVEN to him but then he says he owes them $1200 for it but look how AWESOME it is! It can run our house if we ever lose power. We have never once lost power. He says he will just paypal the guy $200 a payday until it is paid off. You cannot even give me the needed amount per paycheck for bills (he has been giving me $300 a check when I need at least $500 a check) but you think you can afford an extra $200 a check to pay for this gigantic generator that I am guessing we will never use? Oh but he tells me how can he pass up on such a great deal! He says these would run around $3000. And he keeps bringing up that he is helping out the kids by buying it so they have money. YOU dont have any money but you just HAVE to help these poor kids out? They are not minors or orphans. Four kids and they are between the ages of 26 and 34! Two of them are absolute train wrecks. He acts like he was this guys best friend and he has to be the one to look out for the kids. One of the kids sells anything he can for gambling money!

Now we are supposedly waiting on his mom to drive from Iowa to Washington this weekend to deliver two kittens to us. I finally gave into one kitten after hearing about it for months but then he decides we need to have 2 to help his mom out because she is getting overrun by these stray cats. We already have 2 cats and I really dont want anymore so giving into 1 was a huge deal. Oh but we HAVE to take 2 to help her out. It is not my fault that this woman is a hoarder. Her house is packed to the gills with stuff. There is trash on her floor. She has like 30 cats apparently (most outdoor) 4 dogs and god knows how many chickens and goats. This woman cannot stop getting things.  They have no money but manage to feed all of these animals and get them fixed. And his mom is just as bad as H in saying she will do something and then never following through with it so it would not surprise me if she does not come. It would be a relief!