Ignorant of what I had signed up for....

I fell in love with my husband nearly 10 years ago, in large part, due to his of his earnestness, sweetness, and frankly, his willingness to make a commitment to me long-term.

I researched ADD on my own and sought joint counseling early on. Later, I sought individual counseling as I tried very hard to understand our unique dynamics and gain skills to better aid both of us.

It's been nearly a decade, and I must admit, that this is not at all what I signed up for!!

I've come to a crossroads as I've had an unexpectedly serious health diagnosis, coupled with basic mid-life issues, calling this difficult relationship into question.

My sincere question is: At what point can it EVER be about the non-ADD partner?!

I find myself having absolutely no patience lately, becoming disgusted at every turn, crying every week, and basically dreaming about a life FREE of this delay stress.

As stated a few weeks ago, I feel that my partner, would suck the life out of me before realizing that he has done so.

He loves me, but is so hyper-focused on his own needs, no matter the therapy/intervention (and trust me, we've tried..) , is unable to rise to the ocassion.

I am beside myself...