I'm all confused.

I was diagnosed with ADD and I am medicated. I handle the house, the bills, the kids, etc. I always did before being medicated now I am just more efficient at it. By watching Dr. Phil and reading these posts, I am all confused. Are we really that hard to live with? Am I in denial? Or is it because my husband has bipolar and he acts like the ADD spouse! I'm confused.

Hard to Live With?

People with ADD are often much harder to live with than they realize, but that doesn't mean that the spouse with ADD is the only person who is having trouble in the marriage (or perhaps I should say "making trouble in the marriage").  If your spouse has been diagnosed with bipolar, then you will likely have issues relating to the management of that, too.

In any event, perhaps your confusion can be a way to open up a conversation with your spouse about any questions you each have about how you relate to each other and what some of the most important "drivers" are to how you interact as a couple (make sure to look for the "good" drivers, as well as those you aren't so fond of!)

"People with ADD are often

"People with ADD are often much harder to live with than they realize"

I guess I don't understand what ADD characteristics are. My problems are with focus and procrastination. I am always doing something, i.e. folding clothes, oh, wait, the dishwasher needs unloading, as I am cleaning the bedroom. I can't stand a messy room though. Maybe I have some OCD mixed in. I guess I just don't understand what other characteristics there are.