I'm Leaving this Site

So, if by some strange chance anyone reads this I just want to say that I am very disappointed with this site.  I have posted two topics that I could really use advice on and I have gotten zero response..zilch..nada. I feel like I am talking to empty space. I thought this site would help but its not. If i had more experience in this area i would reply to each and every topic, but i don't. I just need help as a young girl new to dealing with an adhd partner. I thought people here who had marriage and or counseling experience would help. But instead I get no replies. This is useless. I think you all need to look at what this site means to u. If you have experience and are choosing simply to write ur own thoughts while ignoring others who are new to this and might benefit from your life experience and insights, you r doing nothing. Its just plain selfish. Goodbye empty air in the internet.... 

tgirl, I'm sorry you didn't

tgirl, I'm sorry you didn't get responses.  I've posted one just a moment ago to one of your other posts.

I haven't seen your posts and

I haven't seen your posts and I read daily. Have some patience. We all have issues to push out of our way so we can see others. Given time, your post will be hopefully addressed, from one side if the fence or the other. 

Thank you

Thank you so much. Much appreciated


Thanks for the response

Still here?

Sometimes you have to raise your hand higher, which you have done.  If you are still here, give us a holler and let us know so we can answer your questions.  There are literally thousands of pages and tens of thousands of comments on this site - so not everyone gets heard right away...but that doesn't mean we aren't here.


hi there,

I have not been on for some time and i am with an ADHD man my self i have been very busy other wise trying to keep focus,if i saw one of your post i am sure i would have spoken about my experience also,hang in there this site have been very helpful to me..


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You need to be flagged

You actually said you weren't coming back because you were disappointed?  People are actually suffering because of ADHD. I happen to be one of them. You have 6 aliases?  Loovehurts, bugaboo, lostbutinlove tgirl. Shame on you. 

Goodbye empty air in the internet.?