Im in love with a man with ADHD

I'm in love with a man with ADHD. i have had a lot of downs because of it but as hard as it is i don't want to leave are relationship but don't know how to help him and stop my self from stressing at him. If anyone could help me or have any tips i would be very happy


thank you

Take Control

I'd suggest getting the Melissa's book, identifying some of the similarities between the examples of early relationship dysfunction and any in your relationship, and set up a counseling session to tell him how you feel. If your serious about making it work, he's going to have to admit something's not right. But, be careful, and don't take too much negative, you'll regret it.

i also have ADHD boy friend

i also have ADHD boy friend ^^  it 's okey. first, just don't be too stress out. he doesn't want to have ADHD and he already ashamed enough of having it. 

i would suggest that first u have to look at his behavior as his symptoms... i found it is easy to working around his symptoms rather than forces him to change. try to think about his positive behavior that also help too ^^