I'm new

Hi everyone

Its been very interesting reading through this forum , I'm in so need of some advice. If you take the time to read this I'd be so grateful. I met my husband 10 years ago we were friends, he's always been life and sole of the party cracking jokes out all the time and we always got on so well. He always moaned about work and girlfriends . For instance he wanted to be a fire man then a plumber then he planned college. He always felt worthless and his relationships always seemed to brake down quickly. Eventually we ended up together and things were amazing he treated me like a princess. My husband is a very lovely man, he's had the most awful child hood you could imagine and it's scarred him probably for the rest of his life . But I quickly noticed these same old niggles so I set about helping him I thought if he did get a job he wanted make him happy. I am a hair dresser and if think he started then to think he wanted a trade too, that he could see I could earn money in and out so he quit his job and went back to college he lasted a few days, he went back to work hated it left and now he's been in same job a while but complains frequently about it , he has no filter with things and says the most rude things about people. He's angry at the world. I read about hyper focus and he does fit that he will become obsessed with things like I'm controlling fixate on that then leave then come back or have an out burst say sorry and expect me to be normal with him. He calls me names. When we have family round friends he talks about himself a lot and shows little interest in them to the point he will check his phone if there talking. But when out he will talk to strangers for hours? He thinks people don't like him sometimes gets paranoid. He is seeking help they believe he has ADHD and PTSD . I have a small child with him that has Mild Cp and we don't know his future. I do everything to hold this family together I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination who is . My husband likes a drink when he drink he's abusive he tells me he will leave me that I'm boring etc, we've been together under 5 years and I feel so upset. He is a wonderful father, when he's good he is fantastic caring sympathetic caring and thoughtful funny and we have a great life but this demon? Inside of him makes him flip? For instance if he wants to mo the lawn and I say no could you help with this, then I'm controlling. He never think things through either properly like does random things cleans the car in the rain or cuts a tree down with no skip and the wrong tool? Late on in the day but it's always my fault cause I don't let him do anything. He tells me he's not happy all the time but then says he loves me. I have a child to think of but I love this man so much I want to help him but am I g better off getting out now? I have so much stress to cope with, with my child I feel like I'm drowning . Iif he gets on the right meds could this help? Is it a cure?