Im new here and I have ADHD

I never thought that i would be at this junction that i am today. I was diagnosed with severe ADHD back in 8th grade and was on rydelan (spelling?) till sophomore yr. At that time i stopped taking it because i felt like a total zombie and that wasn't me back then. Im 24 now, been married a 1 1/2 and been with my wife 2 1/2 yrs total. i always knew i never really grew out of the ADHD like the doctors said i would..... but i never thought it was as bad as it is now. i did make an appt with the dr and it is at the end of this week.

after reading some of the other posts on this site i realized that i am not far from my marriage falling apart if i don't get my problems under control. a list of my biggest issue (a lot i admit and some my wife says i have):

-Inability to really grasp what she is saying when we try talking about our relationship

-A lot of short term memory issues, such as not remembering conversations we had in the previous days or things i had committed verbally to doing at some point (i always blamed the pot from high school for this one)

-really bad with getting chores done and procrastinate a lot. i always tell her i will get it later and don't......

-i admit i cant sit still with out shaking my leg or fidgeting or having to be doing something on my android phone

-i get overly involved when playing video games and basically tune out the world

-my wife claims that i also don't hear her calling for me when she is in another room, apparently takes a few times before i actually notice her holloring my name

-she claims i am not affectionate as i used to be

-i am a disorganized wreck and especially with all my unfinished projects around the house

-also tend to have mood swings out of no where sometimes (though my anger has never manifested in a physical way or abusively)

-bit of an insomniac

-and cant keep a job for more than 6 months and cant restrain from compulsively spending money on stupid things


I come forth with this because i want advice, from those with ADHD and those dealing with a partner that has ADHD, so that i can avoid my marriage from being ruined. I love my wife to death and don't wanna lose her. we already have a strained marriage from all the petty fights and what not arising from my lack of chores, money issues, especially my memory issues, and from me not "getting what she is saying". She has already told me that she has at times considered leaving because the stress of me never remembering things and not paying attention to her.

What are some things i can do that will help improve my situation. i know admitting i have a problem is the first step, which i have done and am seeking medical help.

No i don't do any drugs, No i am not an alcoholic. (I drink only on special occasions and never more than 3 or 4 beers max)

I admit i am a sex addict but have have not had any affairs or anything. (i admit though that the lust we first had isnt there anymore)

Thank you in advance for any advance or help you can lend me.