I'm not alone

I found this forum this morning, after searching the internet for answers or for a hopeful discovery that I wasn't alone. My husband has severed ADHD and it's worn on my last nerve. The history and path of destruction is so long that I can't get into it in one post. Current history is that he is self employed, does a good job in his field, but scheduling, customer service, billing and basic living falls apart. I left my full time job to pick up the slack. He makes terrible decisions that have led us to financial ruin. I've wanted to jump ship for so long but because I live in a family home, I cannot sell it. Because the family home was put together by him, it's been unfinished for over a decade and has serious issues I cannot afford to fix on my own. Utility bills because of all this are way too much for me to deal with alone. My credit is horrendous. I feel truly stuck. In the meantime I have to keep his business supported because it's our income. I feel like I've been unloved for nearly the entire time we've been together and we have two children. He bounces through life with no thought of consequence. He stresses out only when he has to face the consequence, not in the early stages when the situation can be saved. I carry all the stress and guilt for family, home and business. I am exhausted and broken down.