I'm not a burden

Just need to vent, caveat, I love my spouse very much and would kill the devil for her but she has a tendency to drive me insane sometimes. I am the one with ADHD, and I understand how difficult it is to live with someone with ADHD, I am not an easy person to live with all the time and I tell her this, and thank her for all she does for me, but I forget something after n number of reminders, all hell breaks loose. Often she treats me as if I am her cross, and then wonders why I have trouble accepting my disorder some times, while simultaneously, she is doing nothing about what we need done besides reminding me. I have seven bank accounts to look after, travel for work, manage all the household finances, and travel for a very high stress job in emergency management, so I forget to send cousing Aaron a card sometimes, shoot me. I cant help it, I am not a burden, I uplift this house and I am good man. I do listen to her, and it pains me when she doesn't feel acknowledged because I cant remember what she asked. I carry an army of notebooks and use them, use apps etc... timers, take buproprion, exercise, etc etc... give me some grace. She has dyscalculia, so on top of it, she forgets how much money we have, overspends, and gets angry at me when I wasnt on top of it, she didnt even tell me what was happening. She never tells me when she is going to go do something, or how much it will cost, then I get surprised, because I sure as hell couldn't remember, I am not your cross or your project. I am a human, and your husband, I love you and I am doing my best. You are lucky to have me.