impulse control, anger and physiology

I have trouble reading through entire articles so I always look for video lectures if I can. I have been chasing info re emotional regulation and physical brain structure and I found this you tube There is a second part and he is entertaining. if you or your spouse have intense emotions, you may want to pay attention to what he is saying about "amygdala hijack"  It affects the guess what... prefrontal cortex. Sound familiar? There is also something about emotional memory tied up with the amygdala which I am not clear on. Any of you ADHD's have info on this? It goes towards explaining why the emotional outbursts common to many of us are sometimes not remembered. It is a physical anomaly.


response from ADHD's with emotional regulation issues?

I know we all do a great deal of research so I am certain that some of the other high function ADHD's have come across this stuff about limbic regulation and amygdala problems. If we can pool info, we may be able to better understand the emotional regulation side of things. What would do nons think of the possibility of an involuntary emotional response that is often forgotten quickly being a physical condition?