inappropriate language

Hello, just found this site and hope to learn alot.  Here is my situation:   I am in a relationship with a 45 year old male with ADHD.  He takes meds (concerta) and I have only known him since he has been taking it (so I don't have any sense of whether the medications help him or not because this is the only way I have known him). Here is my problem:  He has a horrible potty mouth! He uses the "f" word at least twice in every sentence.  I've explained that it offends me. I've explained that it makes him seem hostile, inappropriate and/or uneducated.  It just rolls off his tongue endlessly.  I notice he doesn't speak this way in front of his family though (which means he CAN PRACTICE SOME SELF CONTROL AND PERSONAL CHOICE in the words he speaks, right?) I am frustrated beyond belief.  I have, on occasion, sent him home due to his foul mouth. It's difficult enough to have a conversation with an ADHD'er without trying to filter through all the foul language.  I am curious, has anyone else experienced this? Is this just his personality and has nothing to do with ADHD? I'm stumped, help! Any input/advice welcome.

I don't think this is an ADD

I don't think this is an ADD trait.  My husband who is ADD does have a potty mouth and knows how to filter most of the time.  I don't have ADD and use offensive words very often myself, but I do practice control and they are used in my private life not in public.  I have other examples in my family those with and without who do or do not use offensive.  I think this most likely is a personal choice not an ADD thing.

It's sort of like managing a

It's sort of like managing a child, you have to constantly tell him to stop until he stops. I'm sure the only reason that he doesn't do it around his family is because it is NOT allowed and he has been properly conditioned not to be potty mouthed... it's a learned and conditioned response but if it's not kept in check, it manifests itself in other situations.

We had a neighbor do this constantly. He was a nice guy and all but I'd flinch whenever he used the F word, made everything sound so angry. Then one day he just stopped, I honestly think someone outside of his marriage brought it up to him about his offensive language. I don't think he would have listened to his poor wife, but I think there was a third party intervention of sorts and he may have been shamed to cut it out.