Inattentive ADHD, please help

I am recently diagnosed with inattentive-type ADHD and could use a little help from other women (and men!) with ADHD. I'm 37, a wife and mother of 2 boys (7 & 13, oldest had ADHD also). Up until this point, I feel like my life has been mostly successful, however,  much of that has been thanks to a fabulous husband and a relatively high IQ, which usually allows me to compensate for the rest of my shortcomings. There were the usual issues with school (high test scores, low interest) and a checkered job history (several, the longest being 7 years... I tend to get a 7-yr itch with employment). Currently I'm back at school, trying to complete my bachelors degree (another issue because I will have to declare a major in August and I still can't pin one down... my interests are varied- depends on the day). I haven't started meds yet, I'm hoping they will help with my focus and lack of attention. Until my diagnosis, I always assumed my husband was type-A and he just happened to marry a flighty, flitty, fun type-B (we have been married for 15 years and together for 21, so he knew how I was, it was not a shock to him). The things he does in one day (he's a middle school principle, on the board of the district, is the head of the "union" for principles and admin, cubmaster for son's cub scout pack and treasurer for our oldest son's scout troop... among other things), I could never complete in a week of Sundays. I am constantly in awe of him and all the other people I know who seem so "together". At the moment (because I KNEW I couldn't complete school while working full time) I am only going to school. During these "college" years, I told my husband I would buckle down and get done all the things we've been wanting to do around the house. The problem is, I feel like the more unstructured time I have, the LESS I manage to get done, which makes me feel like a complete loser. My husband also cooks (I lived with a single father and never managed to learn... but I'm great with a grill!) and takes on much of the child-rearing... willingly. I want so much to be able to contribute in a meaningful way, I just can't seem to do it. While my husband would never outwardly criticize me, I definitely have begun to recognize "WTF have you been doing all day" look when he gets home. Someone please tell me what has worked as far as prioritizing and managing your time?