Independence is possible

I'm still in the trenches on some matters because I believe my husband and I should communicate about issues such as our grown daughters and our shared finances.  But I'm so much more independent than I used to be, and I want people to know there is hope for disentangling from a dysfunctional relationship with a spouse or partner who chooses to go untreated.  

Here are some things I've accomplished or that I can now do (and I know these aren't necessarily possible for other people, but hey, I want you to know they can be done):  1) I told my then-new boss that I'd like to get benefits at my job, and now I do.  2) I increased my hours and thus my pay at my job.  3) I got new freelance clients (again, more money!).  4) I've become more familiar with investing.  5) I'm more comfortable with bad-weather driving (snow and rain).  6) I feel more comfortable deciding when to get help with home-maintenance and car problems.  7) I've become more tech savvy.  8) I move furniture myself.  9) I fit a really long Christmas tree into a really small car and hauled it to the compost site.  

Happy Independence Day!