insane and disrespectful request

I just need to rant or I'll scream and I'm not in a place to do that!


So ADHD H is still obsessed with his ex. He states he hates her and I'm sure he does but he also talks about her everyday, seriously! He also goes on and on about how hot and perfect she was/is. I've heard way more details about this woman than I care to and H has compared me to her for 2 years and she often ends up the better of the 2 of us. UGH!

Yes, I have told him time and time again that it's not ok. I've told him how it makes me feel, I mean how would he feel? Seriously, he could care less if it makes me feel inadequate or hurt. He does whatever he wants to do.

So, he found her Pinterest account recently. He save a picture of her and her daughter, he said so he could see his once Step daughter, but his ex was in the photo. Then he went on about how stunning they were and how amazing their eyes are. He made me look and said, "Come on, those are pretty girls!".

I mentioned that he probably should save pics without the ex but he kept it.

Then he found her Instagram account and pour thru her page. He went into detail about how she looks what she was doing...I asked if he wanted to know about his kids, why not go to their account? He said he was learning more from hers...he then tried to show me and I refused to look.

Well, this morning he asks me to find her Pinterest account and save all the pics of her I can find because all he can get is thumb nails because he has no account. He really needs the full photo. I wanted to hit him upside the head. I said nothing so we wouldn't fight. I sent him a text and asked if he really needed me to do this. I told him that I feel that it's disrespectful and hurtful to ask me to do so but if he needs this photos I will get them.

And he has the nerve to call me insane!